Mauro Torrez

Santa Fe


DevOps Engineer / System Administrator with experience managing infrastructure in diverse environments. Currently focused on SRE and continuous delivery, working with dev teams in the design and implementation of automated solutions for delivering quality software in a fast, reliable way.


DevOps Engineer

Optic Power, Puero Rico (remote)

Set up and migration of AWS cloud infrastructure (VPC, Elasticsearch, Aurora, S3, SSM, IAM, etc.) to support Serverless apps written in Node.js. All of the infrastructure written in Terraform and automated via CircleCI pipelines. Containerization of legacy PHP apps into Amazon ECS. Creation and tuning of CircleCI pipelines for testing, building and deploys. Migration of pipelines from BitBucket to CircleCI.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps/Release Automation

Mobile game startup, USA (remote)

AWS (Amazon) cloud infrastructure architect for the backend of a role-based game. The backend comprises API services written in Python and Prolog, in local, test, staging and production environments. My mission is to ensure the reliability of the backend and its infrastructure. I also build pipelines for creating immutable images (Docker, AMIs with Packer) and for performing deploys. All of the infrastructure is written and managed as Terragrunt/Terraform code.

DevOps Engineer / System Administrator

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Rectorate), Santa Fe, Argentina

Part of the core infrastructure team managing services for the whole campus serving 35k students, staff, and the general public. Administration of a virtual environment with ~400 instances on-premises. Set up many network services from LDAP directory, mail server to the web frontends. Lead the transition to writing configuration as code. Currently implementing delivery pipelines working together with dev teams.

DevOps Consultant

4r Soluciones S.R.L., Santa Fe, Argentina

My goal was building a reliable delivery process. The solution included the containerization of software to achieve uniformity between environments. I also did training of the dev teams with the aim of generating a common git culture and an ability to implement new pipelines and tweak existing ones.

PHP Programming Teacher

Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas - UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina

Applied programming course using the Symfony PHP framework. Subjects included version control systems, MVC pattern, routing, templating, controllers, and deployment of a PHP application.

IT support

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina

Here's where it all started! My work was dealing with end-user problems in GNU/Linux and Windows workstations. Our biggest challenge was the migration of the whole bunch of Windows users to GNU/Linux.

Formal Education

IT Engineer

Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Santa Fe, Argentina

Final Project (WIP): Implementation of DevOps practices in an IT organization


Student exchange

Université du Québec À Montréal (UQÀM), Montréal, Québec, Canada

Scholarship awarded as part of the "Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program" (ELAP) from the Government of Canada.

Skills and Languages

System administration

Experience in managing Linux-based network, server, and workstation environments; setup and deployment of frontend and web servers, Java application servers, database, mail, directory servers. Proficient in Bash and Python scripting.

Site reliability engineering

Creating and managing infrastructure as code with Terraform/Terragrunt, Ansible, and Vagrant; building immutable images with Docker and Packer; log collecting and aggregation with Graylog; metrics collection and reporting with InfluxDB, Prometheus, Grafana and Zabbix.

DevOps and continuous delivery

Work within dev teams designing automation pipelines for the build, testing, and delivery stages. Pipeline implementation with CircleCI, GitLab, Drone, GitHub Actions, BitBucket, and Jenkins. Skilled communicator, supporting the transition to more agile Git workflows. Implementation of auxiliary pipeline tools (plugins, Docker images, etc). Deploy to various cloud infrastructure including Amazon, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Hetzner.


Spanish Native speaker

English Advanced TOEFL

French Advanced DELF B1

Catalan Beginner A2, Institut Ramon Llull

German Beginner


Language nerd: passionate about learning languages.

Cooking: always trying to perfect some recipe.

Gardening: I appreciate plants as a lifeform.

Biking: my favorite means of transportation.

Running: a great way for activating body and mind.